Gratitude Journal Day 112

Gratitude Journal Day 112

Today I am grateful for… a great conversation with my dental hygenist… when the pokey dental instrument wasn’t in my mouth. breakfast at Annie’s. I forgot how much I love that place! the little girl at the gas station who … Continue reading

Gratitude Journal Day 111

Today I am grateful for… being woken up by puppy kisses. I snuggled with Ruby and Dodge all morning. It was blissful. my grandma! She’s visiting for a couple days. I always love spending time with her. She’s certainly entertaining! … Continue reading

Gratitude Journal Day 87

Today I am grateful for…

  1. finally trying Sally Loo’s. I’ve been wanting to go there forever and it was so yummy!
  2. Katie, who took me to Sally Loo’s.
  3. my friend Ed, who accompanied me to Target. Going to Target by myself is quite dangerous.
  4. grabbing some Panda Express for dinner. I’ve been craving it for ages!
  5. Conversation Hearts on SALE at Albertson’s. I’ve been looking for them everywhere and they were only 14 cents per box. Score!
  6. Katie and Ed, for accompanying me to my neighbor’s soiree.
  7. my neighbors, who were all so sweet and welcoming last night. They’re such nice guys. It makes me sad that I won’t be living next door to them next year.
  8. my red leather jacket. So glad I wore it out, because I got like 10 different compliments on it. It might be my new good luck charm…
  9. the guy who was hitting on me last night. Although he turned out to be a jerk, I kind of needed that little confidence boost.
  10. having morals. They come in handy every once in a while.

What are you grateful for today?



Gratitude Journal Day 39

Today I am grateful for…

  1. starting my day with some exercise and working on my New Years Resolutions.
  2. finally making a trip to Target. I’ve pushed it off for a week!
  3. the sale section at Forever 21. I got a blazer for $8 dollars and some new shoes for $10 dollars. Steal!
  4. being fashionably adventurous. I bought some new sneaker-type shoes that aren’t my usual style.
  5. my best friend cooking me fish sticks for lunch. I don’t think I’ve had fish sticks since elementary school.
  6. a great and relaxing day spent with my best friend.
  7. getting more organized in my room… baby steps.

What are you grateful for today?


Gratitude Journal Day 18

Today was the kind of day where I wanted to pull the blankets over my head and hide in my bed all day.

Sometimes, life feels like it’s kicking you while you’re down. Sometimes, I just want to have a sad day.

But then I realize… it takes a strong person to think positively all the time, but it takes an even stronger person to be positive when it’s easy to think negatively.

So after my sheets and I had our pity party, I decided to get up and turn my day around. And I did.

Today I am grateful for:

  1. my bed. (Well, I’m kind of renting it while I stay at my wonderful aunt and uncles’ house.) Even though I was having a pity party, I’m thankful that I had a bed to have it in… some people in the world don’t even have beds.
  2. my mom. She took me Christmas shopping today so I didn’t have to face the crazy last-minute shoppers alone.
  3. kind sales associates at stores. They become a rarity as Christmas nears and I’m always appreciative when I come across someone in a good mood.
  4. a roof over my head. Although I’m kind of floating around while transitioning between houses, I’m grateful to have a warm place to stay – especially in this rain!
  5. eating ice cream out of the carton. For some reason it’s way more fun when you don’t use a bowl.
  6. cracking myself up because I think something is funny – even if other people don’t have the same sense of humor.
  7. being open-minded. I may be a cat-owner soon. I never thought I’d say those words.
  8. Miracle on 34th Street on AMC. enough said.
My Mommy and I during Alpha Chi Omega's  (my sorority) Mom's Weekend.

My Mommy and I during Alpha Chi Omega’s (my sorority’s) Mom’s Weekend.

one of the little kitties we're thinking about adopting

one of the little kitties we’re thinking about adopting

What are you grateful for today?

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A variety of craft supply stores exist in the San Luis Obispo area. While not all of them specialize in craft supplies, many of them carry supplies that work well for DIY projects.

Pie Chart depicting Popularity of Craft Stores in San Luis Obispo

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