Gratitude Journal Day 111

Today I am grateful for… being woken up by puppy kisses. I snuggled with Ruby and Dodge all morning. It was blissful. my grandma! She’s visiting for a couple days. I always love spending time with her. She’s certainly entertaining! … Continue reading

Gratitude Journal Day 110

Today I am grateful for…

  1. a very lazy day… like I didn’t get our of my robe most of the day. That’s what spring break is all about, right?
  2. a Pregnant in Heels marathon. It’s one of my guilty pleasure shows and it was on all day. Can I please just be Rosie Pope?
  3. forcing myself to have patience. It’s painfully difficult at times.
  4. testing out a new Zumba class at a new gym.
  5. seeing my pups for the first time in months! Oh, how I’ve missed their puppy kisses!
  6. getting a first look at my dad’s new house. And spending quality time with my pops, of course.
  7. sushi at Blue Nami! I love me some James Bomb!
  8. apple pie from Whole Foods. Being home=dessert every night. I think I’ve already gained five pounds.

What are you grateful for today?