Gratitude Journal Day 122

Today I am grateful for…

  1. effortlessly waking up. It’s usually a struggle.
  2. the exciting opportunity to interview the lead of Ballet Theater San Luis Obispo‘s production of Robin Hood on KCPR radio.
  3. Julian Rossi’s (aka Robin Hood) ability to chatter as much as I can. We managed to fill an entire hour.
  4. having a little back-up to help me out my first time in the KCPR booth.
  5. beautiful weather on the Central Coast.
  6. getting outside in the beautiful weather. Katie and I walked downtown for a lovely lunch date at Chipotle… I know. So classy.
  7. and following our lunch date, a little dessert at Batch. So sinful, but so delicious!
  8. a little afternoon shopping. Katie’s a bad influence…
  9. starting what will soon be Right now, it’s just a shell of a website. But it’s still exciting!

What are you grateful for today?