Gratitude Journal Day 50!

Today I am grateful for…

  1. getting a full night of sleep and waking up on time. That’s been a rarity this week.
  2. getting a little inspiration from Audrey this morning.
  3. broadening my horizons and thinking about new ways to get involved in college.
  4. having a whole two more years to experience all of the things on my college bucket list.
  5. all of the baked goodies people brought to our late-night CPTV editing session. My butt probably isn’t as grateful for all of the sweets as my tummy is!
  6. having the energy to stay up until 4:30 a.m. working on our CPTV show for tomorrow morning.

What are you grateful for today?


Gratitude Journal Days 46 & 47

I have to lump the past two days together because last night was the second night of my internship at KSBY. I worked overnight, so my days are kind of blurred.

Over the last two days, I have been grateful for (and there’s a lot)…

  1. working with the Mustang Daily newspaper staff. It’s not often that we get to work together, but I’d like to do it more often.
  2. getting new ideas about where I want to live next year. It’s already time to start thinking about it… yikes!
  3. discovering it’s Hunt for Happiness Week… and having the platform to promote it.
  4. a spontaneous drive to the beach. I’m so grateful I live just 15 minutes away from the ocean.
  5. my best friend, for taking the spontaneous ocean trip with me.
  6. eating clam chowder in a bread bowl just feet away from the water. There’s no experience like it.
  7. unexpectedly finding an inexpensive, cute, new blow dryer when I wasn’t even looking. Mine just broke and I needed a new one!
  8. getting to write many of the scripts in today’s Daybreak show on KSBY.
  9. Connie Tran. She let me go out in the field and interview with her and it was a blast.
  10. watching the Presidential Inauguration from the KSBY newsroom.
  11. having the courage to be honest and direct…even when it’s not so easy.
  12. the opportunity to meet Apple’s Steve Wozniak tonight and get an exclusive interview with him for Cal Poly TV. It was probably the coolest journalism experience I’ve had yet!
My best friend and me at Avila Beach

My best friend and me at Avila Beach

Ed Zuchelli and me with Apple creator, Steve "Woz" Wozniak

Fellow journalist Ed Zuchelli and me with Apple creator, Steve “Woz” Wozniak

What are you grateful for today?

Quote of the Day: Hunt for Happiness Week

Quote of the Day: Hunt for Happiness Week

Today kicks off the first day of Hunt for Happiness Week! To celebrate my new favorite week of the year, I’ve decided to post a happiness quote every day this week. The Secret Society of Happy People started Hunt for Happiness … Continue reading