Gratitude Journal Day 2

Today I am grateful for:

  1. The opportunity to interview Betty of Betty’s fabrics on her 86th birthday. Look for my video about her successful business on the Central Coast soon!
  2. My roommate loaning me her auxiliary cord for the next couple of weeks because I left mine at home during Thanksgiving. I listened to my Pandora Christmas music station all the way to Santa Maria and back. And now I can listen to Christmas music on my five-hour drive home tomorrow! Thanks, Jenni!
  3. Jenni’s mom giving me a Christmas gift. It’s an adorable Audrey Hepburn planner! (I’m obsessed with Audrey! Here’s my post from yesterday with one of my favorite quotes by her.) So thoughtful and useful!
  4. My friend, Jenna. She left a sweet post on my Facebook wall today. It’s always nice to know you’re in people’s thoughts.
  5. An early Christmas gift from Jenni. It’s a daily desk calendar called “Just Labs.” She knows me too well. Be prepared to see lots of cute pictures from this calendar in future posts. I think there’s a “Jenni” theme today. I’m so grateful for her crazy self.
Betty Pilkington of Betty's Fabrics

1. Betty Pilkington

Audrey Hepburn weekly/monthly day planner

3. Audrey Hepburn planner

Just Labs desk calendar

5. Just Labs

And here’s my quote of the day, which is about gratitude. How fitting!

Also, after much research about Oprah’s use of a gratitude journal today, I realized I’m supposed to write FIVE things I’m thankful for every day (hence the list).

So now you can expect a little gratitude list every day!

What are you grateful for today?

Take a Blank Wall from “Blah” to Bright!

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Fabric-filled embroidery hoops are a great way to brighten up any plain wall. They’re cost effective and you can hang them without damaging walls. This makes them great decorations for renters and college students.

What You’ll Need:

How to Make Them:

Step 1: Place your fabric in the embroidery hoop and tighten the closure so that the fabric is taut.

Step 2: Flip the hoop over and cut the excess fabric, leaving a half-inch border of fabric.

Step 3: Hot glue the fabric to the inside of the wood embroidery hoop so that no excess fabric will show when you flip it back over.

The embroidery hoop is now completed. The next step is finding the perfect spot to hang it. I recommend using the small command strip hooks pictured above. They’re great because they hold the light-weight embroidery hoops while leaving no permanent damage when you remove them.

The best part about this DIY project is that it cost less than three dollars per hoop. Beverly’s in downtown San Luis Obispo sells discounted fabrics for less than 4 dollars per yard. Embroidery hoops usually cost about one or two dollars each.

That’s an easy way to take a blank wall from boring to bright and colorful.