DIY Framed Bulletin Board

Framed Bulletin Board

When thinking of frames, pictures usually come to mind. However, sometimes frames come to life when they hold things other than pictures, or even nothing at all. Deanna is a sales associate at Aaron Brothers Art & Framing in San Luis Obispo. … Continue reading

It’s That Time of Year!

Happy Halloween! It is officially the holiday season, which means lots of festive decorations and gift ideas to come from Martha: The College Years.

Paper Halloween Banner

Photo by Karina Bunches and Bits (

Decorating for all of the festivities in the next few months is a blast (especially for those of us with DIY addictions), but “decking the halls” for each holiday can get a bit pricey.

Banners and buntings are a great way to decorate your home on a budget. They’re easy to make and can easily be interchanged for different upcoming celebrations.

“A banner alone can make a whole room look festive.”

  – Katie Combs, Cal Poly Physics Student    

Banners can be made out of a variety of materials. The Halloween banner in the picture above is simply made out of basic construction paper in various colors and shapes.

Bunting can also be made of fabric. How adorable is this floral bunting? These colors would be great for Easter or spring.

Colorful Fabric Bunting

Photo by sweetjessie (

A recently popular material in the DIY world is burlap.

The rustic and utilitarian look of burlap adds texture to decorations. Many decorators use this to contrast soft elements in their decor.

“There has been a huge increase in the popularity of burlap lately. Once people realized what a universal and inexpensive material burlap is, they found ways to incorporate it into their design aesthetics.”

– Sara Arroyo, Cal Poly  RPTA Student

Burlap Heart

Burlap is a great fabric to use for banners because:

  • it’s fairly inexpensive
  • it compliments many different colors
  • it can be used for almost any holiday or event decor
  • it’s trendy
  • it’s easy to work with (you don’t have to hem the edges)

(click here for more DIY ideas that use burlap)

Banners are also a fun way to display messages. Kelsey Soderstrom is a floral and decor assistant designer at Adornments Flowers & Finery. She says,

“There is an endless amount of ways one could incorporate bunting/banners in an event or household decor. I think my favorite way is with sweet words or sayings. They can really add a sentimental feel to any decor.”

Because bunting can be made with diverse materials and customized in so many ways, they are a perfect holiday decoration. Just string a holiday banner across a bare wall and feel the room come to life with festivity!

(Click here to read an article about the bunting & banner trend on

What materials are you making your holiday banner out of?

Check back on Martha: The College Years to see my holiday banner along with a ton of upcoming DIY gift ideas.

Popular Craft Stores in San Luis Obispo

A variety of craft supply stores exist in the San Luis Obispo area. While not all of them specialize in craft supplies, many of them carry supplies that work well for DIY projects.

Pie Chart depicting Popularity of Craft Stores in San Luis Obispo

The pie chart above shows the results from the poll in my last post. Thank you to the 98 people who voted! Your input is greatly appreciated. If you click on the chart, you can view an interactive version of it (AKA a fancier version).

Below is a map of the most popular places to buy craft supplies in San Luis Obispo. Click on each pushpin to see the name, location, and a description of each store.

Explore the craft stores of San Luis Obispo through these links: