Gratitude Journal Day 55

Today I am grateful for…

  1. finally getting caught up on my Gratitude Journals!
  2. my friend, Ed. He picked up a scantron for me on the way to class… and chocolate. I suppose I’ll keep him around.
  3. taking my first-ever ceramics class. I’ve always wanted to try pottery and today I did! I’m excited to improve in future craft center classes… haha.
  4. getting my first midterm of the quarter over with… okay maybe I’m not so grateful for that one.
  5. having enough time between my midterm and my meeting to work on some homework. Down-time is precious.
  6. my new friend, Emily. She’s a beautiful black lab that was at our Honors Student Board meeting tonight. I totally got my puppy fix!
  7. productivity, pro-duc-tivity. (Imagine that to the tune of “Electricity” from School House Rock) haha. I crossed a lot off of my to-do list tonight!
  8. getting to write a lot during my internship tonight.

Because it’s stuck in my head now… pretend they’re singing “productivity, pro-duc-tivity” though!

What are you grateful for today?