Gratitude Journal Day 93

Gratitude Journal Day 93

Today I am grateful for… a wake-up call from Katie. She’s starting to know me too well… haha getting the roll out of bed and head straight into CPTV. I wasn’t on camera today, so I sported yoga pants, a … Continue reading

Gratitude Journal Day 59

Gratitude Journal Day 59

Today I am grateful for… my mommy! She’s visiting SLO for AXΩ‘s Mom’s Weekend! eating clam chowder in a bread bowl in Morro Bay next to the ocean. finally poking around the thrift and antique shops in Morro Bay. I’ve … Continue reading

Gratitude Journal Day 53

Today I am grateful for…

  1. getting a head start on my workload for the week. I went out and filmed some footage for CPTV today.
  2. volunteering at Alpha Chi Omega‘s Diaper Drive. It always feels good to give back to the community… especially when its the SLO Women’s Shelter.
  3. bonding with some sisters I normally don’t have the opportunity to hang out with.
  4. getting groceries. I love PB&J’s and string cheese… just not every day.
  5. finding some great heels on SALE at Target. Like way on sale. Like $8 dollars-a-pair!
  6. another start to a great week of interning at KSBY!

What are you grateful for today?


DIY Keep Calm and Carry On Canvas

Keep Calm and Carry On Canvas finished product

The New Year can be stressful.   At Cal Poly, it’s a new quarter, which means all new classes, all new responsibilities, and all new stresses. One of my favorite sayings is “Keep Calm and Carry On.” It’s probably because … Continue reading

New Year’s Resolutions


Here it goes: my New Year’s Resolutions for 2013. Be on time. I have major issues with time management. I’m habitually late. This one’s probably my biggest resolution, and the hardest for me to accomplish. I’m the Princess of Procrastination, which … Continue reading

It’s Been A While…

Me and my dog Ruby

My Blogging Lull It’s been over a week since I last blogged. I have to admit, my blogs have been mostly daily gratitude journal entries and quotes of the day, which isn’t the most exciting stuff on the planet. I … Continue reading

Gratitude Journal Day 18

Today was the kind of day where I wanted to pull the blankets over my head and hide in my bed all day.

Sometimes, life feels like it’s kicking you while you’re down. Sometimes, I just want to have a sad day.

But then I realize… it takes a strong person to think positively all the time, but it takes an even stronger person to be positive when it’s easy to think negatively.

So after my sheets and I had our pity party, I decided to get up and turn my day around. And I did.

Today I am grateful for:

  1. my bed. (Well, I’m kind of renting it while I stay at my wonderful aunt and uncles’ house.) Even though I was having a pity party, I’m thankful that I had a bed to have it in… some people in the world don’t even have beds.
  2. my mom. She took me Christmas shopping today so I didn’t have to face the crazy last-minute shoppers alone.
  3. kind sales associates at stores. They become a rarity as Christmas nears and I’m always appreciative when I come across someone in a good mood.
  4. a roof over my head. Although I’m kind of floating around while transitioning between houses, I’m grateful to have a warm place to stay – especially in this rain!
  5. eating ice cream out of the carton. For some reason it’s way more fun when you don’t use a bowl.
  6. cracking myself up because I think something is funny – even if other people don’t have the same sense of humor.
  7. being open-minded. I may be a cat-owner soon. I never thought I’d say those words.
  8. Miracle on 34th Street on AMC. enough said.
My Mommy and I during Alpha Chi Omega's  (my sorority) Mom's Weekend.

My Mommy and I during Alpha Chi Omega’s (my sorority’s) Mom’s Weekend.

one of the little kitties we're thinking about adopting

one of the little kitties we’re thinking about adopting

What are you grateful for today?

DIY Framed Bulletin Board

Framed Bulletin Board

When thinking of frames, pictures usually come to mind. However, sometimes frames come to life when they hold things other than pictures, or even nothing at all. Deanna is a sales associate at Aaron Brothers Art & Framing in San Luis Obispo. … Continue reading