Cookies for Thailand

Cal Poly students can have still-hot cookies delivered right to their door. Sophomore Kelly Bambrick is rolling out the dough to earn some cash. She’s baking Cookies for Thailand to raise money, so she can study abroad in Thailand this … Continue reading

Hiking Bishop Peak for the First Time

Sunset from the top of Bishop Peak

Bishop Peak. It’s the hike on every Cal Poly student’s bucket list. Apparently, you can’t even identify yourself as a Mustang until you’ve made it to the peak and back down. I’ve been wanting to hike the monumental mountain for … Continue reading

Sm(ART) Studio comes to San Luis Obispo


Sm(ART) Studio Director, Terri Kurczewski

The Sm(ART) Studio is a creative reuse depot that opened its doors to the San Luis Obispo community just two weeks ago on November 12th, 2012.

Director, Terri Kurczewski, hopes to provide a community space where people of all ages can come and be creative.

While Kurczewski embraces the Do-It-Yourself philosophy, she also hopes to spread ecological awareness throughout San Luis Obispo.

The  Sm(ART) Studio is a non-profit organization that funds the Child Development Resource Center of the Central Coast.

You can find more information about the  Sm(ART) Studio by clicking on the links below:

Sm(ART) StudioSm(ART)

Sm(ART) Studio on Facebook

Sm(ART) Studio on Pinterest

Terri Kurczewski’s Twitter

Or better yet, stop by the Sm(ART) Studio at

3591 Sacramento #104 (between Ricardo and Industrial, across from Browder’s Painting)
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Cal Poly Craft Sale

Feeling crafty? Head down to the Cal Poly Craft Sale before it ends at 5:30 today!

Cal Poly Craft Sal E Card Meme


Students will be selling their own crafts, so go get inspired and support your peers!

Cal Poly Craft Sale

If you can’t make it to the craft sale today, don’t fret. They have craft sales twice a year. You can also check out the Cal Poly Craft Center! It’s located on the first floor of the University Union.

Cal Poly Craft Center

Take a class or just pop in to work on your own project. The craft center is a great atmosphere to work in because everyone there loves to craft!

Cal Poly Craft Center Hours   Cal Poly Craft Center Classes

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Popular Craft Stores in San Luis Obispo

A variety of craft supply stores exist in the San Luis Obispo area. While not all of them specialize in craft supplies, many of them carry supplies that work well for DIY projects.

Pie Chart depicting Popularity of Craft Stores in San Luis Obispo

The pie chart above shows the results from the poll in my last post. Thank you to the 98 people who voted! Your input is greatly appreciated. If you click on the chart, you can view an interactive version of it (AKA a fancier version).

Below is a map of the most popular places to buy craft supplies in San Luis Obispo. Click on each pushpin to see the name, location, and a description of each store.

Explore the craft stores of San Luis Obispo through these links: