Gratitude Journal Day 97

Today I am grateful for…


  1. my aunt and her FIANCEÉ! They just got engaged and I could not be more thrilled for them!
  2. throwing caution to the wind and throwing my calendar out the window. My day went everything but according to plan.
  3. 80’s music in Forever 21. There’s nothing better than a little Take On My by A-ha while shopping.
  4. the extremely helpful employees at Forever 21.
  5. my mom.
  6. filming a very exciting promo video. Check it out below… and prepare to be a little confused/intrigued.
  7. a fantastic (and fitting) horoscope. The stars are ever in my favor!
  8. a great final Honors Student Board meeting for the quarter.
  9. Cookies for Thailand… yummy!
  10. seeing a little bunny on my drive home from KSBY. I love SLO!


Find the Light!

What are you grateful for today?

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