Gratitude Journal Day 93

Today I am grateful for…

  1. a wake-up call from Katie. She’s starting to know me too well… haha
  2. getting the roll out of bed and head straight into CPTV. I wasn’t on camera today, so I sported yoga pants, a sweatshirt, and Uggs in the control room.
  3. a lovely (and free) lunch at Chipotle with my journalism ladies. Thanks for letting me mooch off your free coupons!
  4. a much-needed nap after getting only a few hours of sleep.
  5. going to my first sorority exchange of the quarter. I’ve been so crazy busy that I’ve been MIA from sorority events.
  6. my lovely sisters who genuinely missed me. Don’t worry, Hannah. I’m not dropping! haha
  7. the great 80’s prom dress I found on my trip in New York (for only $12 dollars!) I’m so excited I finally got to wear it!
  8. my mom, who taught me how to look like you’re straight out of an 80’s movie. It definitely came in handy tonight.
  9. Lauren, my 80’s dance partner for the night. We danced our butts off all night and it was SO fun! And we probably incurred hearing loss from being in front of the speakers the entire time. Love her!
  10. pajamas. After being in heels and a dress all night, my pajamas were exactly what the doctor ordered.

this picture is horrible quality, but it gives you a little sneak peek at my 80’s get-up. (please excuse my shower in the background…)

What are you grateful for today?


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