Gratitude Journal Day 80

Today I am grateful for…

  1. my neighbor, Gus, who not only pointed out that I had a flat tire, but also put the spare on for me. So generous!
  2. Scout, his beautiful chocolate lab. She kept me company while he changed the tire.
  3. the guy at the Conserv Fuel Station down the street from my house who helped me fill up my spare tire with air.
  4. the employees at The Tire Store. They patch tires for free, but they noticed my side wall was cracked and threw on a new (used) tire for free. I was overwhelmed by all the generosity I received this morning.
  5. getting a better idea of where I want to live next year.
  6. hiking Bishop Peak for the first time. I felt like I was going to die on the way up, but I was so proud of myself when I got to the top.
  7. Katie, my “hiking spirit guide.” She was very motivational and didn’t make fun of me at all for being so out of shape.
  8. discovering the game, Cards Against Humanity. It’s so funny!
  9. meeting new people.
Sunset from the top of Bishop Peak

Sunset from the top of Bishop Peak

What are you grateful for today?


2 thoughts on “Gratitude Journal Day 80

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