Gratitude Journal Day 71

Today I am grateful for…

  1. Valentine’s Day! After all, it only comes once every year.
  2. finding $5 dollars on the floor of the parking garage. Lucky!
  3. getting Valentine’s cards in the mail from my family.
  4. getting a really sweet and reassuring Facebook message.
  5. a great meeting with my internship professor.
  6. learning to use our milk frother and making my own Chai Tea Latte from home. I’m going to save so much money at Starbucks!
  7. learning to cook chicken. I am cooking-challenged, so it was a big step for me.
  8. my roommate. She taught me how to cook the chicken (and was very patient.)
  9. testing out a new recipe and being successful! I was very domestic tonight… haha. Look for a Valentine’s recipe post shortly.
  10. having a dance party with my roommate. Love her.

    me cooking chicken for the first time... ever.

    Cooking chicken for the first time… ever

My first chicken

What are you grateful for today?


One thought on “Gratitude Journal Day 71

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