Gratitude Journal Day 51

Today I am grateful for…

  1. trying out a new method for curling my hair and it working!
  2. anchoring on Cal Poly Television this morning. There’s nothing else like it!
  3. finally having the courage to change my on-air name to Olivia DeGennaro (my mom’s maiden name). It’s taken me a long time to commit, but I debuted it when I anchored this morning!
  4. the Assignment Editor at KNTV in the Bay Area (and my co-anchor, Ed Zuchelli‘s dad) coming to visit the CPTV studio this morning. Not only did I get to introduce myself to him, but he actually knew my name!
  5. some great advice about our newscast from visiting KSBY employees.
  6. a great chat with my professor, Patti Piburn. Love her!
  7. my best friend stopping through SLO for an hour on her way down to LA! Even though I only got to see her for a few minutes, they were the best minutes of my entire week!
  8. catching up with all of my weekly TV shows and falling asleep early after a crazy week!
Anchoring Cal Poly Television with Ed Zuchelli and his little sister, Isabel

On the set of Cal Poly TV with co-anchor Ed Zuchelli and his little sister, Isabel.
Courtesy, John Zuchelli


What are you grateful for today?

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