Gratitude Journal Day 49

Today I am grateful for…

  1. having some “me” time this morning. With a crazy busy week, I needed some time to myself.
  2. avoiding the FOUR car accidents I almost got into today. There were some crazy drivers on the road.
  3. the people in CPTV who are willing to step up and help out.
  4. my first time coming in for my internship during the day. I got to meet more people who work at the KSBY station.
  5. my friend, Madison, interning at the same time as me. This is her second quarter, so she showed me the ropes. And it was nice to know someone my first time coming in during the day.
  6. the employees at KSBY who were so nice and welcoming to me.
  7. watching Dave Hovde do his live shot. Talk about a live shot master!
  8. starting to learn to use Velocity editing software. Woo!
  9. my mom. She always lends words of encouragement when I’m stressed out.
  10. my grandma. She’s cleaning out her closet and finding plenty of vintage clothing to send me.
  11. getting through today. It wasn’t an easy one.

What are you grateful for today?


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