Sm(ART) Studio comes to San Luis Obispo


Sm(ART) Studio Director, Terri Kurczewski

The Sm(ART) Studio is a creative reuse depot that opened its doors to the San Luis Obispo community just two weeks ago on November 12th, 2012.

Director, Terri Kurczewski, hopes to provide a community space where people of all ages can come and be creative.

While Kurczewski embraces the Do-It-Yourself philosophy, she also hopes to spread ecological awareness throughout San Luis Obispo.

The  Sm(ART) Studio is a non-profit organization that funds the Child Development Resource Center of the Central Coast.

You can find more information about the  Sm(ART) Studio by clicking on the links below:

Sm(ART) StudioSm(ART)

Sm(ART) Studio on Facebook

Sm(ART) Studio on Pinterest

Terri Kurczewski’s Twitter

Or better yet, stop by the Sm(ART) Studio at

3591 Sacramento #104 (between Ricardo and Industrial, across from Browder’s Painting)
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

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