Add a Little Flower Flair to Your Hair

Make Your Own Flower Hair Clips

Flower clips are a simple way to add a little fun to your hair. Sierra Portue, a Junior Agricultural Business Major at Cal Poly, says flowers are the perfect standout accessory. She says they are “a great statement without going over the top!”

While they’re adorable accessories, they can get a little pricey – especially when you buy them in San Luis Obispo boutiques.¬†The store Hep Kat in downtown SLO sells flower clips for up to 15 dollars each. Luckily, there’s a cheaper alternative. In this post, you can learn to make your own flower clip for under three dollars.

What You’ll Need

– artificial flower
– hair clip
– hot glue gun
– safety pins (optional)

Beverly’s in downtown San Luis Obispo sells artificial flowers for as low as 99 cents each. Often, they have sales on their flower stems. This bunch of four sunflowers was regular $4.99 but they were having a sale on all fall stems for 40 percent off. Beverly’s also sells metal clips for $1.89 for a pack of 8. If you can’t make it out to your local craft store, Amazon also sells similar flower bunches like these and snap hair clips like these.

Once you’ve gathered all of your supplies, the fun can begin. The first step in making flower clips is cutting the artificial flowers off of their stems. Linda, a sales associate at Beverly’s, recommends using wire clippers or pliers to separate the stem from the flower head. Scissors will also work as long as the stem isn’t too thick. Some types of flowers are held together by their stems, so you may have to hot glue the flower to its plastic base to make sure it remains sturdy.

The rest of the process is easy as pie. Simply hot glue the snap clip to the bottom of the flower. Don’t be afraid to lather the clip with hot glue to make sure it stays attached when you clip it to your head. Wait for the hot glue to cool and, Viola! You’ve just made your own flower clip.

“I love wearing flowers in my hair; it spices up any outfit while still looking casual and fun!”

Michelle Stenz, Junior Communication Studies Major at Cal Poly

Clip on Back of FlowerTips and Bonus Tricks:

  • The hair clip can double as a pin. Hot glue a safety pin to the bottom of the flower as well and clip it onto a favorite dress or top to add a little pizzaz.
  • When clipping the flower into your hair, it’s helpful to use bobby pins to secure it. It also helps to bobby pin the base of the flower into your hair – especially when using a bigger flower that may be on the heavier side.
  • The more the merrier! Buy a few bunches of flowers if they’re on sale. Make different colored clips to match different outfits or give them as gifts. They can even double as the bow on a present.

“They make you seem like you are a genuinely happy person and they gave off a happier vibe. I like to wear flowers when it’s sunny outside and I’m in a very happy, light mood.”

Aly Wente, Senior Journalism Major at Cal Poly

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